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Social Impact

Every CanadaMark diamond comes with the assurance that it has been mined in a way that prioritizes workers’ health and safety, upholds labour laws, pays people fairly and benefits local communities.

From the start of the Ekati and Diavik mines, special priority was placed on negotiating mutually beneficial agreements with local Aboriginal populations. The agreements generally provide for jobs, skills training, contracting opportunities for local businesses, community development and ongoing engagement. A large percentage of the workforce is Aboriginal. Annual spending on local goods and services reaches hundreds of millions of dollars.

Both mines invest heavily in community projects aimed at improving the quality of life of local residents. There’s a strong emphasis on youth – the future of the North – through the support of youth health and wellness, and literacy and education.

To learn more about the social and environmental practices of Dominion Diamond Mines, owner of the CanadaMark hallmark, see its latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report.