In celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to feature our fearless female director,

Morgan Dameron

We sat down with her to ask her what drew her to the Canadamark mission and how she creates her own milestones.

What drew you to working on the Create Your Milestone project?

The Create Your Milestone project, and Canadamark as a brand, was so appealing to me as an up and coming female director because it was a message that I really identified with. It was about giving yourself an opportunity to celebrate moments in your life. You know, when we are in the constant hustle of working and finding new work, I think, especially as millenials, a lot of times we don’t stop to celebrate moments in a way that we should. I loved the empowering message behind the campaign and I felt like it was something that I wanted to be a part of.

Why is our message of creating and defining your own significant life events important to you?

Creating and defining your own milestones is so important to me because it is so easy to be pulled into the standard milestones of your life. Your 30th birthday, your marriage, the birth of your first child - there are so many other important moments that we don’t take a moment to celebrate in our everyday lives that really deserve their own chance to shine. For example, getting a new promotion, or striking out and starting your own business - those are huge elements in a person’s life, especially in a woman’s life. When you are standing up for yourself or when you overcome an obstacle, these unconventional milestones have just as much weight and deserve their own chance to be remembered. What I really love about this campaign is that it encourages everyone, and women in particular, to reflect on their accomplishments, even if they are not the standard accomplishments, that we might take for granted.

Can you tell me about a celebration worthy milestone in your own life / career?

The first celebration worthy milestone that comes to mind for me is when I completed my first film, Different Flowers. It was such a momentous accomplishment that, in the midst of making a movie everything from pre-production to filming on set, to post-production an our festival release, to our theatrical release, to international, it is very easy to get swept up in all that day to day work. I remember the night we got fully funded and we knew we were going to be able to make it to production, I decided okay, I am going to soak this in. I also remember being at the premiere in Santa Barbara and realizing that this theater is filled with people who are about to have the lights dimmed and watch this movie that I created. And that is a really huge moment in my life that I wish I had a diamond to commemorate it with (laughs).

What’s a fond jewellery memory for you? A first piece you purchased? A gift you were given?

There are a few pieces of jewellery that I wear on an everyday basis. Two necklaces and a bracelet that were gifted to me and are from really important members of my family - my mom, my sisters, and my boyfriend. I love wearing them everyday because it reminds me of that support group that I am surrounded with and the people that I care the most about. There is something really great about being in a moment of stress or a moment of celebration, these highs and lows that we experience all the time, and knowing that they are with me even if they are not physically with me.

What is next for you - any exciting upcoming projects or events coming up that you can share with us?

I am really looking forward to what is coming up this year. I have a couple feature films in development that I have written and am excited to direct. I hope to be able to share more details about them soon! In the meantime, I am really enjoying directing in the commercial space and love working with new brands and hope to collaborate with Canadamark again soon!

To keep up with Morgan and her upcoming projects, you can find her here:

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